11482.com Q&A
What is TOP information?

Advertising products with TOP information on the homepage and information list page.

90days 10%↓
180days 15%↓
360days 20%↓
Customer Service:
Kakao Talk: han11482 WeChat ID: han11482
*Individuals/businesses can apply when purchasing advertising products.
*RMB/KRW can be transferred when purchasing advertising products
*When purchasing advertising products, only bank transfers are supported.
*If found due to user reports or illegal information, the platform will be deleted directly, the fee is not refundable.Be sure to upload real and legal information.
When will the uploaded information be deleted directly?
1. Multiple uploads of duplicate content
2. When the content does not match the title
3. When other external connections are found in the content.
4. When there are random codes and special symbols in the title and content.
5. The website administrator determines that the content of the post is illegal or illegal.
6. When the information has been published for more than 3 months.(Information older than 3 months may be deleted for user convenience)
Why can't I see the information I uploaded in the catalog?

The user deleted the cookie and could not confirm the identity. As a result, users cannot find their published information.

Why can't I find 'modify/delete' in the content I posted?

11482 provides users with more convenience, without the need to register a member with only the mobile phone number to post information. Therefore, please do not delete cookies from your device as they will be modified/deleted according to the cookie.

How do I change my phone number?

In order to prevent false and illegal information, the phone number must be authenticated when publishing information. In addition, the authentication phone number for authentication will be disclosed.
The phone number of the first authentication is stored as a cookie in the login device, and the first authentication phone number is used when the information is 'modified/deleted' afterwards.
However, if you need to change your phone number, please contact the official customer service to make changes.
When authenticating with a new number, previously posted content cannot be obtained, so please use the previous phone number if you need to modify the previously.
The way to delete cookies is to delete past access records from your web browser or network settings using your device.
**Phone number authentication: +82 Korean phone number only.