top 02-25 【monthly420W】(420만원) 자동차부품생산 55세 미만 남 교대근무 천안시 ChungCheongNamDo Cheonan - construction
top 02-25 【monthly345W】(3450000 KRW) Hot pot restaurant in Samsung Station, Seoul. Hiring kitchen and hall staff. Can apply regardless of Korean language skills. Beginners welcome. Seoul Gangnam - serve
top 02-25 【monthly345W】(378만원) 홍대입구역 훠궈집 남여신청가능 50세미만 한국어못해도 지원가능 초보자지원가능 Seoul Jongno - serve
top 02-25 【Negotiable】Urgently Hiring: Financial Director Seoul Geum-cheon - White collar
top 02-25 【monthly380W】(380,000 won) Automobile Small Parts Production H2 Visa Available Shift Work, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. KyungKiDo Ancheng - construction
top 02-25 【monthly280W】(1시간11500원+월40만원) 혜화역 훠궈집 아르바이트 남여신청가능 65세이하 한국어못해도 지원가능 초보자지원가능 KyungKiDo PyeongtaekCity - construction
top 02-25 【monthly378W】화성시 자동차부품생산 60세이하 남 하루8시간 근무 상여금100% 교통비10만원 Seoul Mapo - serve
top 02-25 【Negotiable】【Urgent】Job Announcement for Accounting, Tax, and Finance Seoul Geum-cheon - White collar
top 02-25 【Negotiable】Inviting applications for Full-time Marketing and Advertising positions Seoul Geum-cheon - White collar
top 02-25 【monthly280W】화성시 닭고기절단 59세 남여 주간고정 1인기숙사 5만원 KyungKiDo PyeongtaekCity - construction
top 02-25 【monthly300W】(Over 3 million) We are recruiting production support staff for easy food production in Paju City, aged 54 and under, free dormitory for men, fixed daytime shift. KyungKiDo Paju - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】-|=-=-=| Heavy-manufacturing company is recruiting visual inspectors, women, two shifts every two weeks KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】F visa H visa weekly payout manufacturing line production recruitment KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】월390만원이상 안산 로데오거리 EDM, 힙합 클럽 홀매니저, 바텐더 모집 내국인 남여모집 KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】BOKOL INC. Production workers. Permanent employment We pay 100% bonus/commuting expenses/perfect attendance allowance KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Gender/Village Bus Driver Seoul Seodaemun - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Car Air Conditioner Product Production and OP Staff Recruitment Weekly Fixed Full-time Allowance of Around 300,000 Won ChungCheongNamDo Cheonan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Night Shift/Middle East Warehouse 5 minutes away by foot/Injection molding/Man/Sitting down and standing up/Full-time KyungKiDo Bucheon - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Disposable container packages 4.5 million won per month Male/49 years old/Female 53 years old Dormitory shuttle bus commission X KyungKiDo Ancheng - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Urgent/Cosmetic logistics center/Beginner available/Both men and women/F2, F4, F5 KyungKiDo PyeongtaekCity - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】3,000,000 won per month weekly fixed work, Suwon area commuting automotive parts mid-sized company KyungKiDo Suwon - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】천안 입장/3교대/월400만이상/유리병 육안검사(여)/유리병 포장(남)/통근버스 ChungCheongNamDo Cheonan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】자동차 부품 공장 KyungKiDo Paju - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】lamb Skewers Shop hall serving. kitchen daughter. kitchen utensils available from $370 Seoul Gangnam - serve
02-25 【Negotiable】Electronics company / Regular employee / Dormitory / Male recruitment (4) / First come, first served KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Car air conditioning products production, materials, assembly line OP, SMT OP staff recruitment, full attendance allowance about 300,000 won ChungCheongNamDo Ashan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Dormitory / Female 4/ Day and night shift/ Annual leave 15/ Perfect attendance bonus 200,000 won/ Performance bonus 1 million won/ Under 52 KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】2nd battery harness assembly inspection Male / Female large-scale recruitment / Commute by bus / Fixed Weekly Schedule ChungCheongNamDo Cheonan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】PCB component screen inspection Automotive component facility inspection Salary over 4 million won KyungKiDo Suwon - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Pyeongtaek area commuter job salary more than 3 million won/month, nationality regardless, F4 F5 F6 KyungKiDo PyeongtaekCity - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】370k won possible Simple packing and machine OP commute bus driver KyungKiDo Ancheng - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】nyunyu is looking for women's clothing, accessory and miscellaneous sales staff Seoul Central - sale
02-25 【Negotiable】Shinyensu Stn. 7-min walk 100% desk job * 40-min overtime daily Small automobile parts visual inspection Incheon Namdong - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】No introduction fee required, Production staff recruitment Weekly / 2 shifts No area restrictions Free dormitory O Transportation expenses O Benefits O Bonus O ChungCheongNamDo Ashan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】주야2교대근무/월380만이상/월400만이상가능/자동차CNC작업/경력자지원가능/바로출근가능 ChungCheongNamDo Cheonan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Cheonan auto parts injection Male 50 years old F visa Small parts 4.2 million won 6 days a week alternating company environment clean dormitory ChungCheongNamDo Cheonan - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Hotel Long Term Long Term / Accommodation Provided in Yongin, Yeongjongdo Seoul Seongbuku - serve
02-25 【Negotiable】2교대/자동차엔진부품 단순 조립검사/남자 KyungKiDo Hwaseong - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】New - Beginner possible looking for 2nd Battery Electrician KyungKiDo Suwon - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Baekgok New City Cleaner Part-time Job Wanted KyungKiDo Shixing - serve
02-25 【Negotiable】Paper Box Manufacturing Factory Seoul Gangnam - construction
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