02-24 【Negotiable】I'm a hard-working person looking for a job KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Tomorrow 25th day labor recruitment. Male. Born in 1982. F4 Visa. Jeongwang-dong KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Looking for a daily job on the 25th (Female) KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】88 years Female 10 Years working experience in SMT KyungKiDo Bucheon - White collar
02-24 【Negotiable】Incheon or Gimpo night jobs Incheon Western - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】35yr old female seeking job KyungKiDo Hwaseong - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】I am looking for a job. KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】2월24일 남자 야간 일당자리 찾습니다 KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】F4 Male seeking a job in the food service industry KyungKiDo Shixing - Catering
02-24 【Negotiable】Foreign Couple can work in Guesthouse or kitchen in any city fluent Korean and hardworking ChungCheongNamDo Cheonan - Catering
02-24 【Negotiable】Daily work wanted KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Weekday part time job KyungKiDo Suwon - Catering
02-24 【Negotiable】Restaurant daily wages, We are hiring for dispatchers Seoul Dong-daemun - Catering
02-24 【Negotiable】식당일당.파출하실분 대모집합니다 @❣️ Seoul Mapo - Catering
02-24 【Negotiable】Job Search KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】32 male looking for daily or long-term work KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Driving job search KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Male 31 years old foreign seeking regular/transferring company KyungKiDo Ansan - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Looking for a restaurant serving work. Seoul Gwanak - Catering
02-24 【Negotiable】Male born in 1989 F4 Visa looking for a Plating job Seoul Geum-cheon - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】I'm looking for a temporary job KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】50-year-old woman looking for a job KyungKiDo Shixing - sale
02-24 【Negotiable】Today one day work wanted. KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Male Permanent Resident Seeking Work KyungKiDo Suwon - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Sunday want daily pay(weekday regular work can't work overtime) Seoul Dongjak - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Looking for day laborers Seoul Guro - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Osan Korean need a daily pay job KyungKiDo Osan - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday, looking for a daily restaurant worker Seoul Yeongdeungpo - Catering
02-24 【Negotiable】Looking for a job F5 KyungKiDo Shixing - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Male f4 visa long term work Incheon Bupyeong - construction
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