02-23 【Negotiable】Day/2 shifts production male/female Gwangju Guangshan - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】Solar Power Daily Gwangju Guangshan - construction
02-17 【Negotiable】북구 중식 주방 조리직원 채용합니다. Gwangju North - serve
10-17 【monthly330KRW】월330이상/주간고정/ 성별무관 직원채용 Gwangju Western - construction
07-06 【Negotiable】Recruiting for on-site electric framework personnel for an apartment Gwangju Eastern - construction
06-04 【Negotiable】Looking for a delivery driver for a Chinese food supply distribution company Gwangju Guangshan - driver
06-04 【Negotiable】Looking for a delivery driver for Chinese food supplies distribution Gwangju Guangshan - driver
03-30 【monthly19W】Da Guangzhou is hiring experienced and inexperienced workers of all levels, looking for long-term commitments. It's a large site, with food and accommodation provided, even during rest periods. If you are interested, please contact 01076518908 Gwangju Southern - construction
03-30 【monthly230KRW】Recruiting 1 person for Motel Cleaning Gwangju Eastern - serve
03-26 【daily1789KRW】We are hiring skilled, medium and junior level workers for a large project, providing meals and accommodation, cash payment available. If interested, please contact 01076518908 Gwangju Southern - construction
01-18 【Negotiable】As a multilingual translator, please translate the following content into English, noting not to translate punctuation marks and HTML tags: 123 Gwangju Guangshan - serve
11-27 【Negotiable】Urgent Hiring Gwangju Guangshan - construction
10-08 【Negotiable】Massage Therapist Gwangju Guangshan - serve
07-13 【Negotiable】A Hot Pot Restaurant in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do is hiring a kitchen staff Gwangju North - serve
07-02 【Negotiable】Translation: Hiring kitchen staff for a spicy hot pot restaurant Gwangju North - serve
05-28 【Negotiable】Daguangzhou Hiring Experienced Carpenters Gwangju Guangshan - construction
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