02-24 【Negotiable】Car Parts / Assemble / 3 / Day / Week / 26M Ulsan North - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Hiring Production Workers for Automotive Parts Ulsan North - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Site construction. We are looking for molding workers partners Ulsan Ulju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Hojae-rae lamb skewers Ulsan Central - serve
02-16 【Negotiable】현대중공업 LPG.LNG 보온작업 Ulsan Eastern - construction
02-15 【Negotiable】Kitchen & Serving staff wanted Ulsan North - serve
02-15 【Negotiable】Hogjae Lamb Skewers Ulsan Central - serve
11-10 【daily15W】근무지->(경남 거제시)조선소 초보15만원 비자F4만가능 월400만원 이상 1인실 원룸 가능 조선소구인합니다. Ulsan Ulju - construction
09-08 【monthly500W】I am a welder. I rely heavily on you, bosses Ulsan Southern - construction
07-19 【Negotiable】Providing board and lodging, single room for one female who is proficient in Korean Ulsan Southern - serve
07-18 【Negotiable】Accommodation provided Ulsan Southern - serve
05-19 【Negotiable】Urgently Hiring Front Desk Cashiers, both men and women welcome, base salary + commission, accommodation provided Ulsan Eastern - serve
05-18 【monthly600W】Hiring night shift female bartenders Ulsan Southern - serve
05-18 【daily20W】In need of a female night shift employee for Ulsan area. Ulsan Southern - sale
12-24 【Negotiable】【Monthly 3.36 million, fixed weekly】 Chinese companies hiring in Korea are recruiting 40 men to maintain the iPhone automation equipment in Gumi Ulsan Eastern - construction
12-16 【Negotiable】Hyundai Heavy Industries 1st In-House Cooperation Company Ulsan Eastern - construction
10-12 【Negotiable】Ulsan Maegok Fuji 1st across the street Maratang Ulsan North - serve
10-07 【Negotiable】Ul-Bukgu, Magok-dong, Ulsan, Chinese chef needed for Malatang restaurant Ulsan North - serve
09-02 【Negotiable】Hyundai Heavy Industries Assembly Worker Recruitment Ulsan Eastern - construction
05-19 【Negotiable】Long-term team members (Chiefs) are recruited to work together at Ulsan Shinhan Heavy Industries. Ulsan Ulju - construction
05-15 【Negotiable】Bathhouse manager Ulsan Ulju - serve
05-05 【Negotiable】We are recruiting long-term team members (leader) to join us at Ulsan Shinhan Heavy Industries. Ulsan Ulju - construction
05-03 【Negotiable】We are looking for long-term team members (chiefs) to work with us at Ulsan Shinhan Heavy Industries. Ulsan Ulju - construction
05-02 【Negotiable】In Ulsan Shinhan Heavy Industries, we are recruiting team members (chiefs) for the long term. Ulsan Ulju - construction
04-29 【Negotiable】울산 신한중공업에서 함께일할 팀원을(족장)을 장기 모집합니다. Ulsan Ulju - construction
04-28 【Negotiable】We are recruiting team members (chiefs) to work together at the Ulsan Shipyard. Ulsan Ulju - construction
04-27 【Negotiable】We are looking for team members (tribal chiefs) to work with us at the Ulsan Shipyard. Ulsan Ulju - construction
04-26 【Negotiable】Job recruitment for a foreman position at Ulsan Shipyard. Ulsan Ulju - construction
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