02-24 【Negotiable】강원도 태백 국밥집 주방보조 GangWonDo Taebaek - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Restaurant Job Offer GangWonDo Wonju - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Sokcho Mussel Factory, Men’s dormitory available, long-term employment possible. GangWonDo Sokcho - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Food company
No cancellation possible, companions allowed, commuter bus exists GangWonDo Hoengseong - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】F Visa / Male up to 50 years old / Regular employment possible / 2 crew 2 shift / Commuter bus / Meals provided / Beginners are possible GangWonDo Wonju - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Gangwon-do, Hoengseong, Kimchi production line work assistant
GangWonDo Hoengseong - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Simple production work / not creditable/any nationality/ GangWonDo Wonju - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】CU lunch box production, from 3 to 3.5 million won, up to 65 years old, shuttle bus, dormitory GangWonDo Wonju - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Charcoal kiln worker GangWonDo Chuncheon - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Hotel Cleaning Staff Recruitment GangWonDo Yeongwol - serve
02-22 【Negotiable】Non-negotiable/Commute o/Meals o/1 week shift/Additional benefits o/Dispatch job/Tax deduction x GangWonDo Wonju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Gangwon-do Wonju-si Ma-ra-tang North Korean female staff are wanted GangWonDo Wonju - serve
02-22 【Negotiable】Hengseong Wontju Food Company mass recruitment of production workers GangWonDo Hoengseong - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】Couple motel 40 rooms with meals 4.6 million 9am-7pm 2 days off if not busy paid daily no private room now GangWonDo Yeongwol - serve
02-21 【Negotiable】식품회사 F비자 외국인 환영 / 가불가능/ 파견직/ 하는만큼 벌어가는 회사 GangWonDo Wonju - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】Up to 50 years old/Three shifts 2 teams/Meals provided/Commuter bus/One day rest/Beginner possible/Duties guaranteed/Accompanying possible/Morning shift work start possible GangWonDo Hoengseong - construction
02-20 【Negotiable】GANGWONDO, Mara shipbuilding female employee recruitment GangWonDo Wonju - serve
02-20 【Negotiable】CU 도시락 제조, 남, 여 65세까지, 3백만원, 통근버스 운행 GangWonDo Wonju - construction
02-19 【Negotiable】일급 원주 횡성 종가집 여자 상시 모집 GangWonDo Wonju - construction
02-19 【Negotiable】Hotel cleaning room check staff wanted. GangWonDo Yeongwol - serve
02-18 【Negotiable】Equipment GangWonDo Wonju - construction
02-14 【Negotiable】Kimchi Production Line Worker Assistant GangWonDo Hoengseong - construction
02-06 【monthly240KRW】강원도 농장 비자 무관 최대 인력모짐 GangWonDo Jeongseon - construction
01-29 【Negotiable】강원도 횡성 식품가공회사에서 직원 구합니다 GangWonDo Hoengseong - construction
01-22 【daily50000KRW】There is a job that anyone can do easily, regardless of location. GangWonDo Gangneung - White collar
01-17 【monthly270W】강원 원주.주간.육가공 제품/밀키트 제조.내외국인 남녀 55세이하.통근버스.기숙사.초보/동반가능 GangWonDo Wonju - construction
12-20 【monthly330W】자동차부품/가공/조립/초보가능/기숙사제공/통근버스/가불가능 GangWonDo Wonju - construction
12-12 【Negotiable】밀키트 제조 직원 모집 및 가공 기술자 모집 기숙사 GangWonDo Wonju - construction
11-22 【daily18KRW】철근공모집합니다 GangWonDo Sokcho - construction
11-22 【daily15W】(경남 거제시)조선소 초보15만원 비자F4만가능 월400만원 이상 1인실 원룸 가능 조선소구인 GangWonDo Goseong - construction
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