02-23 【Negotiable】Grinder / Male / Visa-free / Daytime / Accommodation / More than 3.2 million GyeongSangNamDo Xian'an - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】CNC simple packing Weekly 3 million 55 male dormitory Visa-free GyeongSangNamDo Gimhae - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Shipyard Cable laying 3.5 million won free accommodation & meals GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】PVC Pipe Connection and Production and Administrative Assistant staff recruitment Average monthly salary of 2.5 million GyeongSangNamDo Gimhae - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】[CU convenience store delivery] Salary 6 million won or more / Simple delivery / Fixed course / Fixed quantity GyeongSangNamDo Gimhae - driver
02-22 【Negotiable】System scaffolding installation/disassembly new trainees GyeongSangNamDo Liangshan - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Plating / Inspection packing / Married couple / Don't care about visa / Weekends / Shift work / 3 million GyeongSangNamDo Liangshan - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】The aviation parts manufacturing industry is hiring new recruits with a monthly salary of over 3 million won. GyeongSangNamDo Gimhae - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】Day fixed night fixed available weekly pay Monthly average 4.5 million won GyeongSangNamDo Changwon - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】Syatem T/o Beam Install/Dismantle new job recruit GyeongSangNamDo Goseong - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】Changwon Mala Tang Restaurant Looking for Staff GyeongSangNamDo Gimhae - serve
02-21 【Negotiable】Changwon Mara Restaurant urgently requests male staff GyeongSangNamDo Gimhae - serve
02-21 【Negotiable】조선배선.결선 350만윈.기숙사 식사무료 GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
02-20 【Negotiable】단순포장 주간 월 300만 55세 남자 기숙사 외국인 GyeongSangNamDo Gimhae - construction
02-20 【monthly380KRW】Urgent GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
02-20 【Negotiable】Beginner 150,000 KRW F4, 500,000 KRW possible, more than 4 million KRW per month, 1-person studio room possible, shipyard job hiring GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
02-19 【Negotiable】Shipyard final selection, wiring 3.5 million won,  dormitory, meals free GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
02-16 【Negotiable】Comb Assembler GyeongSangNamDo Liangshan - construction
02-15 【Negotiable】Hiring staff for Mala Tang restaurant in Changwon GyeongSangNamDo Changwon - serve
02-14 【Negotiable】Recruitment/month 4.5 million/Bonus 195%/Simple assembly and production of home appliances GyeongSangNamDo Changwon - construction
02-14 【Negotiable】韩华海洋玉浦造船所急聘船体架设员工 GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
02-14 【Negotiable】Hanwha Ocean Ulsan Shipyard Urgently Hiring Shipbuilding Installation Employees 한화 해양 울산 조선소 직원 급구 GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
02-13 【Negotiable】Dabokhyang Malatang in Gimhae Jangyu is looking for a kitchen worker for 1 minute GyeongSangNamDo Gimhae - sale
02-13 【Negotiable】위치 거제도 용접공/조공 초보자 가능 외국인 가능 GyeongSangNamDo Changwon - construction
02-11 【Negotiable】Location Geoje Welder / Jo gong, Female / Couple possible Foreigners possible GyeongSangNamDo Goseong - construction
02-11 【Negotiable】위치 거제도 용접사 모집 초보자 가능 외국인 가능 GyeongSangNamDo Changwon - construction
02-09 【monthly400KRW】Shipyard is currently recruiting, providing accommodation, four major insurances, etc. GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
02-07 【monthly350KRW】船厂新年招聘🀄️ 四大保险 食宿等提供 GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
01-18 【daily15W】Samsung Heavy Industries, Entry-level position, 150,000 KRW per month. Earn over 4 million KRW per month. F4 visa holders are welcome. GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
01-08 【daily15W】F4 F5 F6 비자만 가능 조선소 초보15만원 월400만원 이상 1인실 원룸 가능,단순노무 GyeongSangNamDo Geoje - construction
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