02-23 【Negotiable】시스템 동바리 비계 설치/해체 신규자 모집 GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Kyungbuk provincial office, Maratong server, hiring GyeongSangBukDo Andong - serve
02-23 【Negotiable】Korean men and women are recruited for support/Cell phone OP, packaging, and inspection/Immediate employment available GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Male and Female GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Domestic women workers wanted GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】Female staff recruitment/mobile phone camera inspection GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-20 【Negotiable】System Scaffold Tower Installation/Dismantling New Hire GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-20 【Negotiable】We are hiring a Chinese interpreter for sales / office work for an air purifier filter company. Full-time conversion is possible. GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - sale
02-19 【Negotiable】Automotive Parts / Assembly / Male / F,H,E / Weekly / Accommodation / 3 million won or more GyeongSangBukDo Sangju - construction
02-19 【Negotiable】Whygwan Automotive Headlamp Production Staff Recruitment GyeongSangBukDo Chilgok - construction
02-19 【Negotiable】System Scaffolding Ladder Installation/Disassembly, New Trainee Recruitment GyeongSangBukDo Wenqing - construction
02-18 【Negotiable】F2R visa change, D2, D10 support available, GyeongSangBukDo Yeongju - construction
02-17 【Negotiable】D2, D10 Visa to F2R Visa Change, Green Card, Jecheon, GyeongSangBukDo Yeongju - construction
02-15 【Negotiable】X-ray assembly inspection staff recruitment GyeongSangBukDo Gimcheon - construction
02-15 【Negotiable】Recruiting Production or Quality Staff for Secondary Battery GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-14 【Negotiable】Foreigner Visa Change F2 R M M D2, D10 Office Worker Employment E7 Change GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-13 【Negotiable】[Weekly] Men are wanted GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
02-12 【Negotiable】Electric car parts / Welding / Male / E9,E7 / Day shift / Accommodation / 3 million won or more GyeongSangBukDo Gimcheon - construction
02-01 【Negotiable】急招按摩师(日当) GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - serve
01-19 【monthly330W】Urgent Hiring for Pipeline Workers - 2 people GyeongSangBukDo Pohang - construction
12-10 【monthly330W】(330,000 won) Food manufacturing male and female applicants available weekend break overtime pay Gyeongsangbuk-do Gimcheon City GyeongSangBukDo Gimcheon - construction
12-03 【Negotiable】多个项目缺人 请耐心查看 GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
11-23 【Negotiable】Secondary Battery Assembly Available for Emergency Hiring (10 people) GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
11-02 【monthly340KRW】Device assembly team of 3 people GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - IT
10-31 【daily15W】 (경남 거제시)조선소 초보15만원 비자F4만가능 월400만원 이상 1인실 원룸 가능 조선소구인합니다. GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
10-04 【monthly400KRW】正在招聘40名女性电子公司产品检查员 GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
10-04 【monthly330W】(Approximately 3.3 million KRW) Food manufacturing male and female applications possible, weekend rest, North Gyeongsang Province, Gimcheon City GyeongSangBukDo Gimcheon - construction
09-23 【Negotiable】Dual Pipe Facility GyeongSangBukDo Uljin - construction
09-22 【daily80000KRW】Translating the given text into English: The turtle tail day at the grape factory packaging, woman! Cash GyeongSangBukDo Gumi - construction
09-13 【monthly10000KRW】We are hiring waitstaff GyeongSangBukDo Gimcheon - serve
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