02-23 【Negotiable】|Work Over 3 Million Won Per Month JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】[익산] 최신 시설 생산직, 지게차 정직원모집 (*초보가능/단순업무) JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
02-23 【monthly330W】Regular employment / 2nd shift available / Commute bus from Kimje Jeonju Iksan / Few overtime hours JeolLaBukDo Gimje - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Warehouse Management Annual Salary 36M 5 Days A Week 8 Hours A Day Meals Provided Dormitory Fee Support JeolLaBukDo Jeonju - construction
02-21 【Negotiable】Food Prod. Factory Staff, $300 JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
02-20 【Negotiable】Liquor Logistics Warehouse Management, Annual Salary 36,000,000 KRW, 5 Days a Week, 8 Hours a Day, Dormitory Cost Support. Clean Work Environment JeolLaBukDo Jeonju - construction
02-19 【Negotiable】Construction waterproofing JeolLaBukDo Jeongeup - construction
02-19 【Negotiable】Part-time staff wanted for simple packaging in Iksan JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
02-17 【Negotiable】[Iksan] Simple Packaging Part-Time Staff Recruitment JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
02-16 【Negotiable】[익산] 단순 포장 아르바이트 인원 모집합니다 JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
02-16 【Negotiable】[익산] 단순 포장 아르바이트 인원 모집합니다 JeolLaBukDo Iksan - serve
02-15 【Negotiable】(Gunsan) Automobile parts company JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
02-15 【Negotiable】Jeonbuk Gimje-si Maratang restaurant looking for kitchen staff JeolLaBukDo Gimje - serve
02-15 【Negotiable】Chicken factory in Jeollabuk-do recruits 3 Thai people JeolLaBukDo Namwon - construction
02-13 【Negotiable】[Iksan] Production/Forklift Operator (*Beginners OK/Simple Work) JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
02-13 【Negotiable】Golf course caddie / beginner/high income/300,000 won per day/2 rounds a day/dormitory provided What does a caddy do? JeolLaBukDo Jeonju - serve
02-12 【Negotiable】2 shift 2 team male staff wanted JeolLaBukDo Iksan - construction
01-16 【monthly340W】Kimje, Jeonju, Iksan Commuting/Fried Rice, Mandu Production Staff Recruitment/Average Monthly Salary of 3.5 million KRW or more/2 Shifts Available JeolLaBukDo Gimje - construction
01-08 【monthly300W】하우스일 하실분 급구 JeolLaBukDo Gaochang - construction
01-02 【monthly300KRW】딸기하우스에서 구인합니다 비자 상관없이 65세이하 JeolLaBukDo Gaochang - construction
12-12 【Negotiable】2교대 근무 상여금 400% 기숙사 무료제공 비자 종류 무관 JeolLaBukDo Imsil - construction
12-05 【Negotiable】자동차 부품 제조 생산 시급 10,600원 성과급 별도 지급 JeolLaBukDo Imsil - construction
12-04 【Negotiable】높은 급여로 인원 모집 JeolLaBukDo Imsil - construction
12-04 【monthly350W】김제봉황농공단지 포장 사원모집 / 월평균 350만원 이상/2교대가능자 JeolLaBukDo Gimje - construction
11-28 【Negotiable】자동차 부품 단순 포장 기숙사 통근 상여금 교통비 JeolLaBukDo Imsil - construction
11-24 【monthly400W】교대근무 450 성과급 지급 초보 가능 JeolLaBukDo Imsil - construction
11-21 【monthly320W】Nearby Kimje Bonghwang Agricultural Industrial Complex / Packaging work for 2 shifts / Commuting service between Jeonju, Iksan, and Kimje JeolLaBukDo Gimje - construction
10-28 【monthly17W】Carpenter JeolLaBukDo Gunsan - construction
10-06 【monthly320W】Company near Kimje Station /2 Shift Packaging Work/Jeonju Iksan Kimje Commuting Operation JeolLaBukDo Gimje - construction
09-28 【Negotiable】Recruiting Outdoor Solar Installation Workers JeolLaBukDo Jeonju - construction
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