02-25 【Negotiable】Evening part time work wanted at Yang Kkotchi Restaurant located in the Chungcheongbukdo Innovation City. ChungCheongBukDo Jincheon - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Facility Double Jacketed Sleeve ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
02-24 【monthly1500W】Orion Delivery Driver Recruitment/Easy Job/Foreigners Welcome/Please contact before the deadline ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - driver
02-24 【monthly1120W】High income/month 5.6 million to 11.2 million/Daiso delivery/Foreigners possible/F visa possible ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - driver
02-24 【Negotiable】Waitress needed (Including Korean-Americans) ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Bakery Workers Wanted ChungCheongBukDo Jincheon - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】[Jincheon sagok-ri] Electric car battery cell production/pack assembly Seeking male employees ChungCheongBukDo Jincheon - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Male, female Production staff recruitment ChungCheongBukDo Eumseong - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】monthly10millionfixed/5days/weekendoff/milkrun/coupangdelivery/3.5ton/5ton/beginnerforeigneravailable/delivery/driver ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - serve
02-23 【Negotiable】Rookie caddies/Korean speakers are welcome/More than 300K KRW per day/More than 6 million KRW per month/With Changu/Dormitory-based/Flexible working hours Caddie is ChungCheongBukDo Eumseong - serve
02-23 【monthly900W】[ Cheongju large logistics driving position recruitment for F-visa holders ] ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - driver
02-23 【Negotiable】Cosmetics Packaging Label Attaching Work Short-term, Long-term, Regular Required 09:00-17:30 Daily Pay 90,000 won ChungCheongBukDo Jincheon - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】원남화장품 단순포장/검사/ 주간고정 증평 내수 통근버스운행 사원모집 ChungCheongBukDo Eumseong - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Cosmetic company near Chungpyeong is recruiting workers for simple packaging and inspection (commuter bus service/weekly pay possible) ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】(Weekly fixed) Regular employee for Pudding Packaging Production ChungCheongBukDo Jincheon - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Food factories / Unloading / Production / Transportation support / Weekdays 5 days a week / No overtime or special work / Severance pay ChungCheongBukDo Jeunpyeong - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】CAR PARTS & BAKERY COMPANY JOB OFFER ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】IMLOOKINGFORHOUSEKEEPINGAUNT ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - serve
02-22 【Negotiable】Cheongju Ochang-eup Cosmetics Production/Packaging Korean & Foreign Female 49 and Under F Visa, Beginner/Companion Possible ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Part-time Worker Recruitment for Cosmetics Company ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Male, Female Production Staff Needed ChungCheongBukDo Eumseong - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Ansan Bogae-myeon/weekly/dormitory available/equipment parts production/hourly wage 12,000 won/male employees wanted ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Male & Female 48 Years of Age Pulmuwon Disposable Food Container Inspection & Packaging 400 Dormitory Private Room Shuttle Bus ChungCheongBukDo Chungju - construction
02-22 【monthly380W】(380) 식품회사 주야간교대 남녀 55세이하 상여금 기숙사 통근버스 ChungCheongBukDo Jincheon - construction
02-22 【monthly270W】(270이상) 식품회사 주간고정 남녀 55세이하 상여금 기숙사 통근버스 ChungCheongBukDo Eumseong - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】WATERPROOFING DAILY WORK RECRUITMENT 180,000 won per day, 65-year-old men and women, free dormitory ChungCheongBukDo Eumseong - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Ochang / men / Mon-Sat / Commuter bus possible / Production support / Easy work / Foreigners available ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Cheongju Naesu Buk-Imyeon Company Office Worker, Female Employee Recruitment. Simple assembly. ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】[Fixed shifts] Costco instant food production and packaging party recruitment (bonus, performance bonus, weekly salary possible, commuting service) ChungCheongBukDo Eumseong - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】production/Unloading/Transportation support/4 major insurances/Retirement pay/Annual ChungCheongBukDo Cheongju - construction
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