02-24 【Negotiable】Busan Shaxia Spicy Hot Pot Shop Hiring Back Kitchen Busan Shaxia - serve
02-23 【Negotiable】4.5M~ / Busan Haeundae, Gyeongbuk Gyeongsan, Gyeonggi Yongin /Electrical Tray, Laying, Communication/ Accommodation provided Busan Haeundae - construction
02-23 【Negotiable】Busan Chinese Foodstuff Wholesaler Company Recruitment Office Staff Busan Jiangxi - White collar
02-20 【Negotiable】釜山海云台麻辣烫店招后厨人员, 320万起,第三个月起350万 Busan Haeundae - serve
02-20 【Negotiable】NATURE REPUBLIC Busan Seo-myeon Store, Staff Recruitment Busan Busantown - sale
02-20 【Negotiable】Busan Station nearby Mala Tang Hiring Staff Busan Eastern - serve
02-19 【Negotiable】조선용접, 3.5에서 5백만원, 일당은 15만원 부터 Busan Shaxia - construction
02-18 【Negotiable】Chicken Processing weekly 3 million Women Men 55 years old dormitory free Busan Haeundae - construction
02-18 【Negotiable】Busan, Shaxia Hotpot Restaurant Recruit Back Kitchen Busan Shaxia - serve
02-18 【Negotiable】Apartment-construction-site Busan Southern - construction
02-16 【Negotiable】Busan Sasang Malatang shop Hiring Back kitchen staff Busan Shaxia - serve
02-16 【Negotiable】Busan Sasang-gu Mala Tang Restaurant Hiring Kitchen Staff Busan Shaxia - serve
02-16 【Negotiable】Busan Chinese Foodstuffs Distribution Office Support Recruitment!! Busan Jiangxi - White collar
02-16 【Negotiable】Busan Haeundae Mala Tang store looking for kitchen staff, start from 3.2 million won, 3.5 million won from the third month onwards Busan Haeundae - serve
02-16 【Negotiable】Looking for a team to take charge of cleaning toilets and sinks Busan Central - construction
02-14 【Negotiable】Busan Sasang-gu hotpot restaurant seeks Dishwasher Busan Shaxia - serve
02-14 【Negotiable】Busan Saha-gu Hot Pot Restaurant Hiring Dishwasher Busan Shaxia - serve
02-13 【Negotiable】Jeong-guan Shin-dosi Mala Tang, looking for staff Busan Jizhang - serve
02-12 【Negotiable】WANTED Busan Jiangxi - sale
02-04 【monthly750W】Long-term recruitment of experienced professionals, offering a monthly salary of 500+ Busan Eastern - construction
01-22 【monthly400W】Busan rented car/5-ton wing body/Parkland/Busan Geumsadong area delivery/4 million completed sales/5 days a week/F visa foreigners possible Busan Kanei - driver
11-16 【daily15W】(근무지-경남 거제시) 1인실숙소,단순노무,비자 F4만 가능 월 400만원 전후 Busan Jiangxi - construction
10-24 【daily15W】조선소 초보15만원 비자F4만가능 월400만원 이상 1인실 원룸 가능 조선소구인합니다. - (경남 거제시) Busan Jiangxi - construction
09-15 【monthly350W】Busan is hiring a male logistics coordinator Busan Jiangxi - construction
09-09 【Negotiable】Chinese Cuisine Busan Donglai - construction
08-31 【Negotiable】♥Busan Spicy Hot Pot Shop is Hiring Kitchen Staff♥ Busan Shangshang - serve
07-21 【Negotiable】❤Busan Spicy Hot Pot Restaurant is hiring kitchen staff❤ Busan Busantown - serve
07-20 【monthly400KRW】Hiring Indoor Firefighting (CPVC) Busan North - construction
07-15 【Negotiable】♥Busan sandy hot pot restaurant hiring kitchen staff♥ Busan Shangshang - serve
07-12 【Negotiable】Hot Pot Restaurant in Sasang District, Busan is hiring for a receptionist Busan Shaxia - serve
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