02-23 【Negotiable】Toilet installation Daegu Western - construction
02-22 【Negotiable】Hyunpung, Guji Automotive Components Company Recruiting. Daegu Dacheng - construction
02-20 【Negotiable】주방 직원 구합니다 Daegu Shoucheng - serve
02-20 【Negotiable】건설현장 위생도기팀 식구 찾습니다 Daegu Western - construction
02-18 【Negotiable】Jangwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, Spicy Hot Pot Restaurant Job Hiring Daegu Southern - serve
02-18 【Negotiable】Male regular full-time employee recruitment Daegu Dacheng - construction
02-17 【Negotiable】On-site sanitary ware team looking for members Daegu Western - construction
12-20 【Negotiable】식자재유통에서 납품기사 구합니다 Daegu Dacheng - serve
12-06 【Negotiable】건설현장 세대소방CPVC 배관인원모집. Daegu Shoucheng - construction
11-01 【daily15W】(경남 거제시)조선소 초보15만원 비자F4만가능 월400만원 이상 1인실 원룸 가능 조선소구인합니다. Daegu Southern - construction
10-27 【monthly400W】공사현장 세대소방CPVC 배관공 모집합니다! Daegu Shoucheng - construction
09-16 【daily14W】Recruiting pipe fitters for CPVC fire service pipe installation at construction site in Beomeo-dong Daegu Shoucheng - construction
09-05 【Hourly9620KRW】Recruitment in Daegu (near Garden Station on Daegu Metro Line 1) at an electric blanket company: We are looking for 2 general workers, both males and females. Couples are welcome. Age group is around 20-50 years old. Must have a legal visa. Hourly wage or piece-rate payment method is applicable. Insurance is provided. Meal during work is provided. For more information, please contact: 010-59618505. Daegu Western - construction
07-23 【Hourly11000KRW】Looking for a female salesperson at the Vietnamese store inside Paldal Market Daegu North - sale
07-19 【Negotiable】Seeking for Secondary Pipe Sleeve Team Members (Daegu Hwawon) Daegu Dacheng - construction
06-16 【monthly300W】We are looking for a new vendor management teacher Daegu Southern - serve
05-04 【Negotiable】The content you've provided seems to be written in broken Korean mixed with random numbers and characters. However, I'll try my best to translate it. "We are in need of kitchen furniture Daegu Eastern - construction
04-13 【Hourly12000KRW】We are recruiting for telecommuting work positions! Daegu Eastern - sale
01-31 【Negotiable】The job of converting D2D10 to F2 is here~ Daegu Dacheng - construction
01-20 【Negotiable】D10可转F2,庆北永川食品加工厂招聘在韩留学毕业生 Daegu Western - construction
01-18 【monthly450KRW】Daegu site operator inside Lee Joong-gwan Daegu Southern - construction
01-07 【Negotiable】Double wall interior worker Daegu Southern - construction
01-05 【Negotiable】We are looking for a double pipe team member for our equipment. Daegu Southern - construction
01-03 【Negotiable】Looking for a facility maintenance team member. Daegu Southern - construction
01-02 【Negotiable】Looking for a worker for internal operations of the duplex pipe Daegu Southern - construction
12-25 【Negotiable】We are looking for equipment management team members on the construction site. Daegu Southern - construction
11-08 【Negotiable】Looking for a marble installer in Daegu. Daegu Eastern - construction
10-15 【Negotiable】Recruiting male and female full-time employees in Daegu Daegu Dacheng - White collar
10-10 【Negotiable】대구 남여 정직원 구함 (주5일) Daegu Darcy - serve
09-01 【Negotiable】招木匠,签证feifa的都可以,,供吃供住。 Daegu Southern - construction
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