02-24 【Negotiable】Site cleanup personnel recruitment JeolLaNamDo Hwasun - construction
02-20 【Negotiable】Shipyard foreman. Finals. 3.5 million won. Free accommodation, meals JeolLaNamDo Lingyan - construction
02-12 【monthly430KRW】MOKPO JeolLaNamDo Mokpo - construction
02-12 【Negotiable】450만원 포셜/ 배관모집. 2인1실(한국인) JeolLaNamDo Lingyan - construction
02-11 【Negotiable】Carpenter company Hiring two male workers ​Free accommodation and meals, overtime shift is paid 3 million won or so ​3 meals are provided ​ JeolLaNamDo Mokpo - construction
02-02 【daily15KRW】목포 농장에서 구인합니다 (비자무관) JeolLaNamDo Mokpo - construction
01-25 【daily10KRW】급급급급급 급구 농장 파뽑는 일 JeolLaNamDo Mokpo - construction
01-24 【Negotiable】Urgent recruitment of farm workers to harvest leeks JeolLaNamDo Mokpo - construction
12-24 【monthly300KRW】招聘海带厂 管理一名 JeolLaNamDo Kangjin - construction
11-08 【daily15W】조선소 초보15만원 비자F4만가능 월400만원 이상 1인실 원룸 가능 조선소구인합니다. (경남 거제시) JeolLaNamDo Mokpo - construction
10-12 【monthly250W】Gunpo Station Cosmetics Assembly Female Soldiers Recruitment JeolLaNamDo Luozhou - construction
10-04 【Negotiable】Infant Formula Manufacturing Company Laboratory Inspector 분유제조회사 연구실 연구원 JeolLaNamDo Gwangyang - White collar
07-19 【Negotiable】Hiring female staff at a Vietnamese barbershop in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do JeolLaNamDo Mokpo - serve
04-04 【Negotiable】We are looking for a first-class Topcar driver in Damyang, Jeollanam-do. JeolLaNamDo Tanyang - serve
02-23 【Negotiable】"Urgent Sale of Skewer Restaurant JeolLaNamDo Gwangyang - sale
02-08 【Negotiable】Mobile, Prefabricated House Manufacture - Hiring for exterior welding, interior carpentry, and facility staff. JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
01-23 【monthly270KRW】목포마라탕 직원구해요 JeolLaNamDo Mokpo - serve
09-26 【Negotiable】[Jeonnam Gwangyang] Seeking Massage Therapist for Healthy Business JeolLaNamDo Gwangyang - serve
07-22 【Negotiable】We are looking for assembly house tent exterior, interior carpenter, and facility staff. JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-30 【Negotiable】이동식 스틸하우스 주택 ,농막 외장용접,내장 목수,설비 직원 구합니다 JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-29 【Negotiable】We are hiring for assembling portable houses and farmhouses - exterior welding, interior carpentry, and facility staff. Located in Suncheon, Jeonnam. JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-24 【Negotiable】We are hiring for field workers ㅡ welders, carpenters, and facility staff for the assembling and moving of houses and farming tents JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-23 【Negotiable】Looking for a private caregiving woman to move in. JeolLaNamDo Hwasun - serve
06-23 【Negotiable】이동식주택,이동식농막 외장,내장목수 ,설비 직원 구합니다 JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-22 【Negotiable】Looking for on-site staff for movable houses and farm tents JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-21 【Negotiable】Mobile Home, Seeking Employees for a Mobile Shelter Manufacturing Company JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-20 【Negotiable】Portable house, Portable farmhouse - Exterior welding, Interior carpentry, Equipment staff needed JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-18 【Negotiable】Suncheon City - Mobile Houses and Farmhouses. Hiring onsite workers JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-17 【Negotiable】Seeking for Portable House, Agricultural Tent - Welding, Interior Woodwork, Equipment workers JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
06-16 【Negotiable】Looking for assembly housing steel house exterior welding, interior carpentry, and facilities JeolLaNamDo Suncheon - construction
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