02-25 【Negotiable】[Hogupo Station / Shift work] Possible 400 per month / Can be paid the next day / Male recruitment / Simple button man / Long-term work Incheon Namdong - construction
02-25 【Negotiable】Shinyensu Stn. 7-min walk 100% desk job * 40-min overtime daily Small automobile parts visual inspection Incheon Namdong - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Kitchen Helper Wanted Incheon Western - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Incheon catering company food accommodation kitchen assistant (male) Incheon Western - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Recruitment Division for Production Jobs in Incheon Incheon Bupyeong - construction
02-24 【monthly300W】Incheon Catering Company Accommodation and Food-Providing Kitchen Assistant (Male) H2,F4 Incheon Western - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Night Shift Work | Men Wanted for PCB Simple Production Job, 5 mins walk from Incheon Gajwa Station Incheon Western - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Carpenter work tool box Incheon Bupyeong - construction
02-24 【monthly620W】크린토피아배송기사모집/월620만원(완제기름값지원)외국인채용가능 Incheon Mizou - driver
02-24 【Negotiable】Ansan Shihwa Industrial Complex Production Regular (3.4 million won per month) Incheon Namdong - sale
02-24 【Negotiable】Female/foreigners welcome/5 days a week/1 week, 2 shifts/Injection molding for president's goods/Standing work/Salary over 300 Incheon Namdong - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Foreign visa change F2 R ㅁㅁ D2, D10 office worker employment E7 change Incheon Lifeextensionarea - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Dormitory Shinhyeon Station KRW 375,000 Male Kitchen Assistant Cook Mass Catering Incheon Namdong - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】
Barista wanted. Incheon Central - sale
02-24 【Negotiable】Incheon Dongchun station nearby injection not thought of female Incheon Namdong - construction
02-24 【daily15W】URGENTLY WOMEN DAILY WAGE 150,000 SAME DAY Incheon Bupyeong - White collar
02-24 【Negotiable】Construction Site Office Assistant/Simple/6 days a week/Monthly salary 3.5 million won negotiable/Meals and accommodation provided/Incheon Seo-gu Buro-dong/Recruitment will close when filled Incheon Western - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Hourly pay/casual dress/seated work available near Dongchun Station: mobile phone parts buffing and polishing staff recruitment Incheon Lifeextensionarea - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Urgent recruitment of argon welders. Incheon Western - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Introduction X/No fee X/Gasan Station/Foreigners possible/Simple foundation/Examination/Packaging/Female staff recruitment Incheon Bupyeong - construction
02-24 【monthly1000KRW】3.5-ton / 5-ton transport driver / F2,4 / Sufficient training for beginners Incheon Namdong - driver
02-24 【monthly1000KRW】WANTED TRUCK DRIVER /10,000,000won/F2,4,5,6/5days a week/Coupang Milk Run Incheon Mizou - driver
02-24 【Negotiable】Galbiyechan Incheon Central - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Male or female, Korean spicy hotpot restaurant is hiring a back kitchen chef with a high salary, near Songdo, Incheon University Station Incheon Lifeextensionarea - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Hogu station 5 min walk Night shift CNC Push button work / Possible over 300 Incheon Namdong - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】홀직원 주방직원 급구 합니다 Incheon Bupyeong - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】Golf Course Caddy Training Foreigners Welcome/Monthly Pay 5.5 Million Won or More/High Income/Dormitory Meals//Urgently Needed/Novice Caddy Caddy's Job Incheon Bupyeong - serve
02-24 【Negotiable】PCB Test assembly day shift night shift production staff recruitment Incheon Mizou - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Urgent Hiring | Female | Production Worker Incheon Mizou - construction
02-24 【Negotiable】Special work, a lot of overtime work/Auto parts production/beginner/foreigners are welcome Incheon Namdong - construction
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